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Agriculture Drone

Agricultural Drone Services


The future of crop & ranch monitoring is here, Vertical Bearing LLC is happy to assist Farmers, Ranchers and Agriculture related business in Lea County and surrounding areas with our aerial crop monitoring services. Our Advanced sUAS agricultural drones are equipped with IR, RGB & Multispectral cameras giving our customers the right data to make smart decisions.

Reliable Data for Informed Decisions

Our clients can make the right decision knowing they have the best data available. Vertical Bearing LLC provides easy to access and analyze reports with a range of tools and capabilities for accurate mapping and geospatial analysis of our clients' fields. Tools including NDVI crop analyst make making decisions easy. Visually see in different light spectrums areas of concern may it be irrigation issues, Nitrogen uptake, Disease or potential infestation.

Advanced Crop Monitoring

Using the data collected from our drones we can pinpoint plant health issues caused by Bugs, Disease and Irrigation issues. We are able to measure a plants overall health using NDVI imagery collected by our multispectral cmara.


Plan accordingly with the right data, from NDVI to 2d & 3D mapping we can give you up to date real time data with centimeter accuracy. Check drainage elevations, Conour maps and much. more.

Plant Stand Counts

Ensure the viability of your seed investment with our plant stand counts. With the data we collect we can accurately count an entire field and identify areas of concern for lack of propagation.

Sync Up

The data and maps we generate and collect has the ability to be uploaded into most Ag Industry software. 

Damage Assesment

Using our drones after a damaging event be it an unforeseen infestation or weather event. Crop loss and damage reports are simplified and accurate to ensure our clients receive fair compensation for damage or loss of property and or crop.

Irrigation Management

H2O is without question the one of the most valuable recourses not only on planet earth but also to a farmer. We can identify problematic irrigation issues in a field so our customers can resolve the issue immediately.


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